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  • Oremus, apart from being a source of bible readings and hymns - listed here under these separate headings, also provides an Anglican Liturgical Library.
  • The Prayer Book Society exists to promote and preserve the use of the Book of Common Prayer (1662) and is currently preparing to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the BCP.
  • The Tyndale Society is based at Hertford College Oxford and was founded by Professor David Daniell in 1995, 501 years after Tyndale's birth. The Society's aim is to spread knowledge of William Tyndale's work and influence, and to pursue study of the man who gave us our English Bible
  • Cartoon Church is the site of Dave Walker, cartoonist for 'The Church Times' and provides an occasionally wince-making depiction of the foibles of the the Church of England.

There are several websites which provide online communities to discuss Christianity in general, such as the Ship of Fools, which describes itself as 'the magazine of Christian unrest'. Here you can get involved in heavy theological debate or 'indulge your inner child' playing word games.

Anglicans Online is a website which, like ours, aims to cover the whole Anglican Communion. The main difference from us is that it is more of an encyclopaedia whereas we aim to be a site for discussion amongst the laity:

An independent website serving the entire Anglican Communion with a News Centre, Noted This Week, and a thoughtful front-page letter. Updated every Sunday, there are more than 10,000 links to parishes around the world and to a wide variety of resources covering every aspect of Anglican church life.

Thinking Anglicans Online is a focal point where you can find the words of informed contributors to the contemporary understanding of Christian faith, as well as the views of ordinary 'Anglicans in the pew'. In a world where the voices of fundamentalism and conservatism are frequently heard, Thinking Anglicans is a place for a tolerant, thoughtful and understanding exploration of Christian faith.

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O Rex Gentium: the Sixth Advent Antiphon – 22 December

Latin: O Rex Gentium, et desideratus earum,lapisque angularis, qui facis utraque unum:veni, et salva hominem,quem de limo formasti. English: O King of the Gentiles and their desired One, the Cornerstone...

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Anglicanism and Technology: “For things to remain the same, everything must change” – Iain Little

I fear for Anglicanism, or at least the liberal, discerning version that we practice in our rainy corner of Northern Europe. Above all I fear for its relevance. More Britons play chess each week than go...

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‘That Was The Church That Was’: Review by Richard Ashby

For those not old enough to remember, ‘That Was the Week That Was’ was a satirical television programme of the 1960s, starring David Frost, Millicent Martin, Bernard Levin and Willie Rushton...

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