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The Anglican Communion: Facts and Figures

The website of the worldwide Anglican Communion is here.

The Lambeth Conference website has the archive of all Lambeth Conferences, the decennial meetings of all Anglican Primates, going back to 1867.

The Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) is here.

The ACNS produces a news digest, which culls stories from the periodicals and websites of churches throughout the Anglican Communion.
In addition, news officially published and distributed by Provinces and Dioceses of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
Also included are releases from independently edited Anglican newspapers that are officially published by Provincial offices. These are available as RSS feeds. 1

Anglicans Online maintains a list of churches worldwide that are part of the Anglican Communion, and also of those that are not. To quote 'Anglicans Online':

"That means that they are not part of the Anglican Communion. To be part of it, a church must have a formal relation with the See of Canterbury. It is entirely possible for a church to be in full communion with the Anglican Church without being in the Anglican Communion. It is also entirely possible for a church to be completely Anglican in heritage and origin, but for it not to be in communion with the See of Canterbury."

Anglicans Online also has a useful page on 'What Anglicans Believe', with links to Anglican websites worldwide.

The BBC website has a page on the Anglican Communion, with the name of the current Primate in each region, and a note on the overall versus Anglican population.

A website claiming to give 'just the facts about religion' has some useful information on Anglicanism and Episcopalianism.

The occasion of the Chicago Consultation in 2009 was used to put together a video (5 mins 16 seconds) collating assorted definitions of the the Anglican Communion.

This news service is funded by a grant from the Parish of Trinity Church, New York City. The display of releases here is offered as a web portal service to the Anglican provinces and does not reflect editorial judgement or endorsement on the part of the Anglican Communion Office or the Lay Anglicana website. News release content is solely the responsibility of the Anglican office that originates the release or website.

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