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Three At Table: by Chris Fewings


Ewenny Priory Chapel, Vale of Glamorgan via Wikimedia under CCL

Three at Table

a reproduction of Rublev’s icon

Come in, they said. This
is the empty stone chapel
in a remote village, this
is the impenetrable Sinai cloud, this
is the tent of meeting in the desert: this,

here, now, is the drawing of water
into wine, the sharing in our divinity.
Here, wherever you are – soaring flailing
empty full, dancing hobbling
feasting fasting, wrestling fondling
together or alone – are the angels
of the temple all about you; this
is the invitation. To take your place

in this trinity, you need
no more than the newborn’s prayer,
the blind man shouting through the crowd
to see, the lama sabachthani; no
calm assurance, no knowing
what might happen, no
composure, just the dark, the need

the cry.

Chris Fewings is now the editor of Ground, an online journal of poetry exploring faith.

Rublev’s icon can be seen here. Chris contributed a prose piece on Trinity Sunday in 2013.

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