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Three At Table: by Chris Fewings

Come in, they said. This
is the empty stone chapel
in a remote village, this
is the impenetrable Sinai cloud, this
is the tent of meeting in the desert:

‘A crust of bread’ by Chris Fewings

Food I left you a crust of bread for lunch on Friday. You might not feel hungry when someone has just died. Celebrate on Sunday, when the daffodils are out. I’ve pressed olives for you, trodden out grapes. Chris Fewings  

In The Power Of The Spirit And In Union With The Son Let Us Pray To The Father: Chris Fewings

(Take this as some sort of prose poem, not a sermon. I have no theological training.) The trouble with the trinity is the numbers. Three into one won’t go, yet some preachers still attempt the maths. People sometimes say that the New Testament only hints at the trinity, and the doctrine itself was developed later. […] Continue reading »

A Breath of Wind : Chris Fewings

He’d slipped away from us
on a Thursday, and we knew
it wasn’t like the other times –
he wasn’t coming back.
Course, Luke said he’d heard
a voice: stereo, pillars of light:
“He’ll come in the same way.”

Cells In The Body Of God’s Universe? – Chris Fewings

The Christian Pentecost, celebrated tomorrow, crowns the 50 days of Easter. It’s a reincarnation of the risen Christ in the body of believers animated by the “Creator Spirit”. This rich sequence of spring festivals deserves a second look whatever your creed. You don’t need to assent to a fourth-century formula of the Trinity to enter […] Continue reading »

Julian of Norwich: Beyond Torture – Chris Fewings

The quotations from Julian below are edited Last year I received on my birthday a hazelnut, a traditional crucifix, and a card showing Julian of Norwich, who became in the fourteenth century the first woman to write a book in English. She was a highly original and articulate theologian and visionary, forgotten for centuries but […] Continue reading »

Lifted Up: Chris Fewings

Lifted Up The brazier from the accusers’ angry court Reappears on Galilee’s homely shore To cook a little fish from that great catch And bring back Peter from the dark sea’s depths. An angel flies from cold and empty tomb With rush of wind – the day of Pentecost – To touch his speechless lips […] Continue reading »

Time For The Laity To Lead On Blessing Same-Sex Relationships?: Chris Fewings

It is time for “lay” Anglicans in the Church of England to start celebrating public thanksgivings for and blessings of committed same-sex relationship – in churches where possible, in church halls and church porches, in parks and on village greens. Must I be ordained to bless my brothers and sisters? To give thanks to the […] Continue reading »

‘Let It Be To Me According To Your Word’ : Chris Fewings

Novgorod icon from Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. In the Western church the Feast of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, usually celebrated on 25th March, exactly nine months before Christmas, is transferred to April 8th this year because it ‘conflicts’ with Holy Week. Does this make sense? Should we speed up our liturgical […] Continue reading »

Open Letter To The Bishop Of Birmingham: Chris Fewings

Dear Bishop David I am writing this as an open letter from a half-faithful irregular worshipper delighted by the hospitality of various parishes in your diocese which welcome me as a fringe member. It will be published on the web. I would like to publish your reply but will only do so with your express […] Continue reading »

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