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Men in Pink: The Church of England’s Gay Bishop Decision: Taylor Carey

    One of the joys of the holidays is to wake up mid-way through the Today programme rather than at its opening six bleeps; the headline summary luxuriously accompanied by maternally-provided coffee and the gradual rediscovery of whatever book I fell asleep reading the night before.  Yesterday’s news that the church had lifted the […] Continue reading »

Sandy Hook and the Christian Vocation: Taylor Carey

We turn to God when we are sorely pressed; we pray for help, and ask for peace and bread; we seek release from illness, guilt, and death: all people do, in faith or unbelief.   We turn to God when he is sorely pressed, and find him poor, scorned, without roof and bread, bowed under […] Continue reading »

“Something Good in Everything I See”: Taylor Carey

    ‘Abba’. No, not the cherished name of the God which Jesus Christ invites us so boldly to call out to in the institution of the Lord’s Prayer. No, I’m talking about Mamma Mia, Super Trooper and Money, Money, Money, to name but three songs of a band that formed much of the parentally-dictated […] Continue reading »

Christianity & Sexuality: Communication, Grace & Love – Taylor Carey

After reading several wonderful pieces by Chris Fewings – particularly ‘Love Divine, All Loves Embracing’ (15th July 2012) – and stumbling across an online reproduction of The Body’s Grace (1989), I’ve been sufficiently inspired to sketch out a few thoughts on Christianity and sexuality. These are nothing more than foundational ideas. Nonetheless I hope, in […] Continue reading »

An Archbishop Ventures Into Narnia: Taylor Carey

  ‘The Lion’s World’ In his last literary endeavour while Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams explores the central themes of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia with characteristic eloquence, enthusiasm and intellect. The Lion’s World is a must-read for anyone seeking reflections on our own quest to be surprised by the joy of the Christian faith. ‘I can […] Continue reading »

A Pilgrim’s Progress: My Journey of Faith – Taylor Carey

  Our next new regular contributor is Taylor Carey, a relatively new Christian. We have been following each other on Twitter for a while, and he responded to a tweet from Chris Fewings about Lay Anglicana’s search for permanent correspondents. (Let no one doubt the ripple effect of social media!)  I asked him to write […] Continue reading »

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