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‘Downton Church — Season 2: Eight Lessons the Church Could Learn from Downton Abbey’ by Dr Wendy Dackson

  Posted on April 14, 2015 by Wendy Dackson on her blog Past Christian by Ken Howard and Wendy Dackson Alrighty then! Our recent blog post “10 Ways the Church is Like Downton Abbey” got quite a lot of views. So, like our friends in Public Television, we decided to renew Downton Church for a second […] Continue reading »

Re-blogged from ‘Past Christian’ by Dr Wendy Dackson

Dr Wendy Dackson now has her own blog. Although I hope she will continue to write for us as well, sometimes her pearls of wisdom are too lustrous not to share! Good Disagreement: ++Justin’s Speech on the 21st Century Church (Part 1) June 18, 2014 by Wendy Dackson Yesterday on Facebook, Lay Anglicana shared the Archbishop […] Continue reading »

The Man with the Hammer: A Reflection for Holy Week by Dr Wendy Dackson

  [Jesus’] enemies were not the notorious sinners whom society casts out…it was not the gross sins such as shock respectable people which sent Jesus to the Cross: it was the respectable sins which are in the hearts of all of us. (William Temple, ‘Palm Sunday to Easter’, pp. 15-16) I think we all benefit […] Continue reading »

Letting Go of “Leadership”: Dr Wendy Dackson

  A number of years ago, I was very close to a young married couple with a small child whom I knew from my church.  I thoroughly enjoyed their company, and we spent practically every waking hour of the weekends together.  We would make plans to go to museums, the zoo, air shows, shopping, and […] Continue reading »

The Nones are Something: Wendy Dackson

  My Facebook feed recently had an interesting piece from Huffington Post’s religion blog, entitled 10 Facts about the Transforming Global Religious Landscape.  I find the facts interesting, but not surprising.  Christianity and Islam are the two dominant religions throughout most of the world; Judaism is only the dominant religious affiliation in Israel, and claims […] Continue reading »

In Sickness and in Health: Wendy Dackson

  Someone with two healthy legs is able to stand, walk, run and jump. But if your leg is broken, your doctor won’t tell you to act like it’s healthy. Treating a broken leg as though it’s healthy will hurt it, not help it. If the medical issue is serious enough, the patient is put […] Continue reading »

An American Thinks about the Royal Baptism: Wendy Dackson

    Two days after my knee surgery, I woke up early to catch the coverage of infant Prince George of Cambridge’s baptism on Good Morning America.  Really, it wasn’t much to get up for—watching people arrive, but no actual broadcast of the service itself.  The real interest for me has been my Facebook feed, […] Continue reading »

1930s Advice for the 21st Century Church: Dr Wendy Dackson

[ After our late summer ‘skeleton editions’, we resume the publication today of Wendy Dackson’s thoughts on the ‘spiritual but not religious‘ – how did you get on at Back to Church Sunday on 29th September? Ed.]     The Church exists, first and foremost, to be the fellowship of those who worship God in […] Continue reading »

The Big Bang Theory of Faith: Dr Wendy Dackson

  Faith is not always religious in its content or context. . .Faith is a person’s or group’s way of moving into the force field of life.  It is our way of finding coherence in and giving meaning to the multiple forces and relations that make up our lives.  Faith is a person’s way of […] Continue reading »

Responding to Lilliane Daniel (Part Two): Wendy Dackson

Response   Before I begin responding to particular excerpts from When Spiritual But Not Religious is Not Enough, I should make a few disclosures.  First, for me, the book had the feeling of something written by an extremely frustrated, burnt-out minister.  And, more than most lay people, I get burnt-out ministers.  I earned a Master’s […] Continue reading »

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