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In Defence of the BCP: It’s Got Rhythm!

The poor old Book of Common Prayer (not the Episcopalian one of 1979, but the 1662 version, albeit as amended in various parliamentary measures) seems to be under attack, despite the best endeavours of the Prayer Book Society, which says it:

is increasingly endangered by indifference and undermined by neglect. In many churches, it is not used at all, whilst in others it is marginalised to “off-peak” times such as Evensong and 8.00 a.m. Holy Communion. Too often, new clergy emerge from ordination training with little or no knowledge of the Book of Common Prayer, and most younger churchgoers and newcomers to the church have barely even heard of it.

Many clergy – and churchgoers – understandably feel that the 1662 prayer book is one of the outdated shibboleths of the Church of England which has no place in  21st century worship.

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